Endorsements-TAKING RISKS

“Taking Risks is entertaining as well as a terrific resource. This is a rare opportunity to learn firsthand from one of the country’s best entrepreneurs.” – William Banholzer, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer (ret’d), Dow Chemical

“Walt Robb—this quiet man of great scientific talent and a driving entrepreneurial spirit—has influenced both GE and the practice of medicine. He took risks and made things happen.” -- Michael J. Cudahy, Founder and CEO (ret’d), Marquette Electronics

“A compelling read. A pragmatic, hard-hitting, gritty account of the amazingly successful career of Walter Robb.” – Amr S. Elnashair, FREng, Harold & Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

“Life and success present us with opportunities hidden behind Taking Risks. Walt’s journey is special and delightful.” – Neil Golub, Chairman, Price Chopper Corporation

“This provocative book provides a timely analysis of what this country needs to surge ahead. Corporate America needs to rediscover and empower bold, entrepreneurial leaders like Walt.” -- Alan C. Nelson, Ph.D., chairman & CEO, VisionGate, Inc., Chairman, Nortis, Inc.

“Based on a lifetime of learning, Walt provides a wealth of practical information for the neophyte in the art of entrepreneurship.” – Kenneth C. Petersen, President (ret’d), SI Group

“An absorbing account of Walt’s life and work. . . and his close association with the legendary Jack Welch. The book makes inspiring and instructive reading.” – Frank H. T. Rhodes, Ph.D., President Emeritus, Cornell University

“As an academic, I would highly recommend this book for management students in leadership classes. It would be wonderfully inspiring to young scientists and engineers as well. As a parent I plan to share this with my son.” - Laura Schweitzer Ph.D., President, Union Graduate College

“Looking for a common denominator to yield a successful career, Walter Robb has found it: Risk.” – Herman Viets, Ph.D., President, Milwaukee School of Engineering

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