Description-TAKING RISKS

Walt Robb’s objective in sharing the wisdom he gained during one of the most productive business careers in recent times reflects his concern that U. S. business leaders and corporations are becoming risk averse. As a consequence, he believes the U. S. is in danger of squandering the technology edge it has built up at such great cost over so many decades.

CEOs are overly concerned with meeting quarterly financial estimates, employees are focused on short-term goals, acquired technology is replacing in-house research and development, and the brightest of our college graduates are opting to sign on with start-ups instead of large, established firms with track records of success.

Walt relies on examples and lessons learned from his own career to show how everyone in a business organization, from the newly hired college graduate to the CEO, can become “intrapreneurs”—people with the drive, spirit, and determination to innovate and excel within their current organization. His school age bio illustrates how "risk taking" can start early, and the impact teachers and employees can have on a person. TAKING RISKS provides a how-to guide for everyone who wants to make a difference for their companies through creative risk-taking. It is also informative reading for anyone pursuing or contemplating a career in business and industry today.

Author  Walter L. Robb
Publisher  Leon P. Janssen
Editor  Gene Medford
Designer  Working Class Publishing
Printer  Worzalla Publishing

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