Alexander R. Margulis, MD Dsc
“Envision presents in objective fashion the glorious era when GE under the legendary leadership of Walter Robb introduced innovations in CT and MRI that made them into the splendid imaging modalities that have revolutionized the practice of medicine. It is a must reading for anyone interested in the history of medical imaging.”

Walt Robb
“The years at Medical Systems were clearly the highlight of my 42-year GE career. This history brings it all back to life—the crises, the celebrations, the people and places. We knew we were revolutionizing diagnostic imaging, and it felt so good to be helping people while at the same time giving GE a major business in healthcare.  Our partnering with the GE Research Laboratory in Schenectady established record achievements in times that our competitors couldn’t believe. I am delighted to have this business history recorded so thoroughly by Gene and Leon.”

John Trani
“This book represents a unique look at the development of a business under various leaders and states. It captures the dynamic of each era, offering valuable insights and perspectives.”

Jeff Immelt
“This book is a terrific way to remember the GE people—from scientists to manufacturing teams to visionary leaders—who helped build one of the best healthcare businesses in the world. Their work, as reported in these pages, embodies what makes GE Healthcare great—an enduring determination to help people live better, healthier lives.”

Joe Hogan
“This is an exciting inside look at the history of GE Healthcare and the many dedicated individuals who, through their efforts, changed the practice of medicine and, in the process, saved millions of lives.”

Dr. Tom Grist
“This historical tribute describes the exciting history of GE Health Care and the individuals who made a significant impact on the development of medical imaging in the 20th century.  I enjoyed reading the book and recalling many of the seminal events during this development through the memories of the individuals who played key roles in this remarkable period of time.”

Vivek Paul
"This book performs a great service by highlighting the fact that GE is just as much about people and heritage as it is about numbers and forecasts."

Marc Onetto
"GE Healthcare's long and successful history described so well in this book is the result of the hard work of many teams and inspired leaders.  Successful history is not an entitlement for future success in an ever changing world. But it is a must read for future leadership teams to learn from their predecessors and to build confidence on the solid foundations of the past to face new challenges."

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