This comprehensive look at General Electric’s first 115 years of contributions to healthcare recounts the founding of Victor Electric Company in 1893 and the subsequent events that propelled its growth into the world’s leading supplier of healthcare technologies. Along the way, this compelling story recounts the contributions of and challenges facing the tens of thousands of people who helped make GE Healthcare what it is today.

Over 1,000 individuals, representing every era of this history, are mentioned. Nearly 400 fascinating illustrations help recall both major and little-known events, products, places, and personalities. Included are thorough, insider accounts of how GE computed tomography, magnetic resonance, and ultrasound emerged into today’s mainstays of advanced diagnostic imaging. Of special interest is a detailed look at how GE’s healthcare business achieved unprecedented growth through a series of joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions literally around the globe.

Publisher  Leon P. Janssen
Editor  Gene Medford
Editorial Support  Karen A. Kuhla Ph.D.
Designer  Jena Sher
Project Advisor  Doug Frohmader
Project Advisor–GE  Brian S. Johnson
Image Archive Technical Advisor  John C. Jacobson
Printer  The Fox Company

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